HOW DO ESCORTS KEEP THEIR CLIENTS’ PRIVACY ?Escorts are the most protective people when it comes to their clients’ privacy. As a matter of fact, there are no other persons who are more understanding and careful as them; they only aim at satisfying you, and keeping your intimacy and privacy is one of their goals. Here are some ways in which they can help keep their clients’ discretion.

Telling clients to wipe off physical proof of their encounter with them

The first proof of encounter with an escort Paris or any woman in general is the scent of their perfume or fragrance on the body. That is why escorts rarely use too much perfume, when meeting clients, and, in case they do, the always encourage their clients to take a shower before leaving the place of their meeting to return to their home. This will prevent their wives, for those of them who are married, to smell unusual scent emanating from their clothes, and they will avoid explaining themselves later.

Email account strictly reserved for communication with them

Many people daily use their personal email address for everything they do on the internet, making them accessible and linking them to their various social networks. For those who use the services of an escort Paris from SexeModel, she can ask her clients to create an account separate from their personal address, strictly reserved for discussions with her. This will prevent them from being caught, and will help them to separate their personal and private lives from those they have with escorts.

Encouraging them to create a separate bank account for their extra activities

Another great way in which escorts help keep their clients’ discretion is by encouraging them to create a different account from their personal one, to help them manage their extra activities with them safely. Most of these men do not want their wives at home to know about their secret activities, and an escort Paris will definitely be of a great help. By encouraging clients to create a separate account, they will be able to safely transfer money without ever getting caught.

Cash money is BAE

Credit cards are immediately detectable, and it is easy to determine where a person removes money or buys things. Therefore, they sometimes advise their clients to use cash for whatever purchase they might make, ensuring therefore that their activities with them are safe and secured, and it will be difficult for them to be traced when using cash money.

Encouraging clients to keep their phones as privately as possible

It is not advisable for a client to keep his escort’s number on his phone, so they make them understand that, they should not, whatever the reason, keep their number and name on their phones.

Furthermore, they also advise clients to keep passwords on their phones for those who can, or to always delete text messages or call logs from their discussion with them. This will help them deter someone from accidentally finding any information that can relate them to thee escorting life.